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About the Launcher and this Site

I decided to make this because people for legacy minecraft kept losing mods/modpacks and had to keep redistributing their entire minecraft install (>70mb, avg 150mb) for every modpack in order for shit to work. This project aims to make what's essentially Nexus Mod Manager/Vortex mixed with MultiMC for legacy minecraft. With the format glass-launcher uses, you can expect modpacks going down from 150mb, all the way down to potentially just 30mb, depending on what mods. This also prevents minecraft from being redistributed, which helps legitimise your modpack too. Minecraft Forums post mass-deletion has hardly any mods on it now. This is why I'm also going to host mods that are abandoned/I have permission for on a separate archive site in the future. We also have not had a centralised place to host new mods for legacy minecraft yet (AFAIK), so glass-repo is my attempt at fixing that. You can see my current progress on the glass-repo website. I'm in this for the long haul. So if one these websites ever go down, spam me on discord (calmilamsy#6968), or on my email ( So far over 1 year of my free time has been put into this. Just please stop using PyMCL, its really bad.

What the Launcher Looks Like